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  Access to the best hospitality and tickets available for all major sporting and cultural events in the UK & abroad. In addition and whenever possible, we will also pass on any discounts available!
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Working with vital charities

My Events Club presents a cheque every year to charity and Rockinghorse has again been selected to receive the donation in 2016/2017. We take a contribution from every single hospitality or ticket sale sold through the club and as a result we have raised many thousands of pounds for several wonderful charities, many of whom provide vital service for children.

The pictures to the right show Hugh Doubtfire (Managing Director), Kay Doubtfire and Alison Ridler making the donation

Your access to the finest hospitality packages and tickets for all major sporting and cultural events

We are a unique private club with free membership that offers its members privileged access to tickets and hospitality for all sporting and cultural events and on some occasions we can offer discounted hospitality packages and tickets for various reasons. Sometimes we offer hospitality at full price where there is a limited availability or it is an event where tickets will sell out very quickly. However there are events where there are some great offers available and it is up to you whether you use the club for the more exclusive offers or just to get a real bargain. The club is aimed at companies who want to entertain clients at sporting or cultural events and individuals who like to enjoy the finer things in life. Even though sometimes our prices will seem very attractive, it in no way means that the quality of the hospitality has been downgraded. These are just packages that are available at very competitive prices for a number of reasons including agents cancelled bookings, undersold facilities or hospitality with a shelf life where the event date is fast approaching. There are two significant reasons that make us different and provide us with the opportunity to be able to offer great events and great prices.

My Events Club is part of Corporate Entertainment Company Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of official corporate hospitality at major sporting events and with a trading record of over 20 years. As a result of our buying power and our relationship with the UK’s top event venues, we are able to provide you with great offers, some of which are difficult to source elsewhere.

In addition to this, and very importantly, our sister company is the industry standard trading website for hospitality agents, venues and event companies in the UK. On the site members trade their discounted or surplus hospitality packages and tickets to each other rapidly and effectively. These packages are traded on between members at the lowest price before being marked up and sold on to companies for client entertaining. My Events Club intercepts any trades that offers great value and then makes them available to its members at low prices.

You will receive e-mail alerts every week, often with attached PDF, giving full information about the exciting hospitality and tickets offers, often at reduced prices. If you are interested in any of these events just call our hotline and we will assist you.

For every sale made through My Events Club, we will make a donation to the children’s charity, Rockinghorse. This charity is the official fundraising arm of the Royal Alexandra Children’s hospital in Brighton and your contribution will make a big difference in helping to fund the hospital.

Our service will enable you to get the best deals with the minimum of effort. If you are interested, simply call the club hotline for more information or to make a booking. If there is a specific event that you are interested in, then you can use our ‘make a request’ facility by logging on to the club site and sending your specific request for tickets or hospitality.

Take advantage of the great offers now!!!